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Carpet Cleaning Boston

Our Cleaning Methods

Carpet Cleaning Boston offers a variety of services for your home or office cleaning. When working to keep your home clean, one of the most sought after maintenance services is carpet cleaning, but what methods are commonly used for home carpet and upholstery cleaning? There are a few primary methods used within most cleaning companies- carpet steam cleaning and encapsulation.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning is the most popular method used by Carpet Cleaning Boston when it comes to carpet upholstery and rug cleaning. A detergent based solution is utilized, often applied initially to the carpets being cleaned, in the event that there are tough to remove stains, a manual brush or tool may be used by the cleaning professional to loosen the dirt.

Another alternate cleaning technique that some professionals find useful is carpet dry cleaning, which requires special solvents, this technique is less intensive, and therefore it's better used on more delicate fabrics, often it's quicker than steam cleaning, because the carpet doesn't need time to dry.

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Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

While this technique is newer in the industry, it is considered just as effective. When this process is used for carpet or upholstery cleaning, a substance is used to crystallize soil deposits, making them easy to remove with a simple vacuum. While this technique can be used to clean entire carpet surfaces, it is most commonly used for carpet maintenance purposes and within commercial spaces to spot clean.

With all the cleaning methods that available in the market today it's hard to choose the right one for your carpet, the method that we at Boston Carpet Cleaning recommend for most surfaces is steam carpet cleaning, for more delicate carpets we offer a verity of cleaning services like carpet dry cleaning.

Keeping your carpet clean not only extends the life of the carpet in your home or business, but can create a more sanitary environment. Over time, dirt, soil and even skin dander from humans or pets can become embedded in the surfaces. Carpet Cleaning Boston cleaning services are your best defense against dirty carpets. Call us today at (617) 532-1043 to schedule an appointment.