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USA Nationwide Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Service is a number one cleaning services provider in the rug, carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning field. Our experts can offer you, our highly valued customer, the most efficient office and house cleaning service throughout The United States. Our carpet cleaners use only those products that are kind to your rugs and carpets and to the environment. Contact our toll free (866) 248-7275 for a free phone estimate.

Carpet Cleaning Service and Beyond

Our expert services are available in most major areas throughout the country: New York carpet cleaning, carpet cleaning Washington DC, San Francisco carpet cleaning services, Los Angeles, Orange County, Houston. To find your nearest carpet cleaner please see our nationwide service locations section or click our top 3 most popular areas for further info.

Why should you choose our carpet cleaners among other carpet and upholstery cleaning experts? offers several advantages:

  • innovative carpet cleaning machines
  • natural cleaning products
  • affordable prices

Carpets and Your Health

Carpet cleaning machines and the products used in them to remove carpet stains are an important part of house cleaning. A professional machine leaves surfaces dirt free, which is important for the health and cleanliness of your home.

Unfortunately, the chemicals used in many carpet shampooers can aggravate allergies and asthma. In this case, hiring a company that provides green carpet cleaning services is a good idea.

The environment friendly carpet cleaning method we use involves only natural products that won't irritate sensitive individuals. With this method, you can promote carpet cleaning health, enjoy quality indoor air, and have a carpet that is soft and doesn't have problems like matting, all without aggravating troubling conditions like asthma.

When you hire our company to do your cleaning chores for you, we will take care of every aspect of the maintenance process, including choosing the right carpet cleaners and using professional truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment.

Just pick up the phone and call one of our customer support representatives at
(866) 248-7275. They will be happy to adjust a service package that suits your needs perfectly.

Service Locations

We provide our professional cleaning services to most major cities throughout the United States. The following addresses are the main dispatch points of our technicians in each location we serve:

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