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Technical Information
This link is included as an additional service to keep our clients up to date on all the technical and general data relevant to maintaining and cleaning their expensive furniture, carpets and rugs successfully. provides our cleaning specialists with a variety of cleaning methods, each suited to different types of carpets and upholstery. These include:

  • Dry steam or hot-water treatment - Frees the dirt particles and suctioning them up as the cleaning solvent is applied.
  • Various shampoo applications - Gently flushing out even the most stubborn soil with soft, fresh and fragrant shampoos.
  • A combination of the previous two.
  • Foam cleaning using various types of foam - Makes it possible to vacuum out the dirt after the foam that has loosened it has dried.
  • Bonnet (special pad) cleaning - Used on special delicate carpets when shrinkage or color running could be a problem.
  • Use of absorbent dry compounds - Once again for use on delicate and special carpets to prevent over wetting, color loss and shrinkage.

When necessary we will recommend our in-plant cleaning process for superior results and carpet safety.

Each of the above cleaning methods is tried and tested giving the best results possible.'s professional technicians will choose the most suitable cleaning method for your carpets and upholstery using the appropriate mechanical action to loosen and float away all ingrained dirt and stubborn stains.

Because carpets, rugs and upholstered furniture are expensive items to purchase we are happy to provide some routine handling and cleaning tips to help them last for many, many years.

While many modern carpets are chemically treated to hide and even repel many types of soiling and stains, over time ingrained dirt, pollutants and odors are still a problem and could lead to serious deterioration in the quality of the carpet. Therefore we recommend pampering your carpet with professional cleaning regularly so that you ensure:

  • Giving your rooms a clean fresh look with a fresh fragrance.
  • Extending the life of the carpet.
  • Ridding your home of all allergy sensitive dust particles. has the professional expertise for removing ink, food, animal urine and many other stains and odors harmlessly with all the correct chemical compounds. Leave it up to the professionals and never attempt stain removal on your own. What can you do to maintain your carpet between cleanings?

Carpets should be vacuumed at least once a week with a properly engineered vacuum cleaner. We recommend using a vacuum cleaner with separate motors for sucking up the dirt and beating the brushes that free the particles trapped in the carpet's pile. Rotating brushes have proved to be the most suitable. The suction should be strong enough to remove even the most tenacious particles and the brushes should be firm enough to free even the most stubborn dirt.

Always consult toll free at (866) 248-7275 before treating your carpets with anything other than vacuuming.