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Rug Cleaning - Area & Oriental Rug Cleaning

Our company specializes in rug cleaning of oriental, Persian, commercial or area rugs, using the proper methods and equipment to take care of your entire rug cleaning needs at once.

Have you tried a variety of cleaning methods and your rugs are starting to show their wear? Are you having a hard time getting out the stains? Do your allergies seem to be worse despite a whole-house cleaning? If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, now is the time to call Top Carpet Cleaners. Com for the best in professional rug cleaning results.

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Rug Cleaning Service in Four Easy Steps

As part of our service, your rug is removed and cleaned at our plant. Prior to cleaning, we inspect your rug for any soiled areas and give our staff any special instructions for your specific rug while at the plant and during cleaning.

After inspection, our professionally trained staff spot cleans any soiled areas; applies a deodorizer that takes care of any pet or other odors; and takes care of any mildew stains or odors.

Deep rug dusting is performed, a service not offered by most other cleaning companies, which halts premature aging of your rug.

After dusting, your rug is cleaned either by hand or using another safe method. A fiber protector is applied, which extends the life of the rug.

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Top Carpet Cleaners. Com Carpet Rug Cleaning Advantages

Here at Top Carpet Cleaners. Com we pride ourselves on the fact that we specialize in Oriental rug cleaning. We know that every Oriental rug is different and so each of the rugs and carpets that comes into our plant is treated individually.

We have a "green" anti-allergen treatment for your rug for those with allergies, using non-toxic natural ingredients that are safe for people with allergies or asthma.

If you have oriental rugs then they will come with certain cleaning and maintenance tips that you should follow at home, but when you rug requires deep cleaning, you should choose a professional rug cleaning service.

Taking good care of your rug is important to us. A cleaner, brighter, odor-free rug will leave you healthier, satisfied and coming back year after year. So, trust your rug cleaning to us. We look forward to taking care of your entire rug & carpet cleaning needs.