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new york carpet cleaning Should I consult an expert before buying a carpet?
san diego carpet cleaning No, but remember to check the fibers used in weaving the carpet. Woolen carpets while generally more expensive, are usually far more durable than synthetic fibers. However, always contact an expert before using cleaning products.
los angeles carpet cleaning How can I make sure that my carpets or rugs always look their best?
houston carpet cleaning In order to maintain your carpets properly, make sure that you have a vacuum cleaner that is capable of suctioning out even the most ingrained grime and dust. A two-motor cleaner is always the best. One motor for sucking up and extracting the solid grime particles and the second to activate a brush that will loosen the ingrained dirt that simple vacuuming cannot free. This should be done at least once a week. Remember! Even the best vacuum cleaners need periodic assistance and getting your carpets cleaned by professionals on a regular (yearly or every two years) basis will minimize damage from abrasive dust and grime particles.
chicago carpet cleaning I want to have my very expensive upholstered Chesterfield suite cleaned, but am scared to trust them to just anyone. What should I know before contracting someone to do the job?
detroit carpet cleaning Cleaning upholstered furniture requires two operations: 1) Applying suitable cleansing agents for the type of cloth and dyes used. 2) Applying the correct amount of mechanical action to dislodge ingrained dust and grime. Ask your cleaner to furnish you with references from satisfied customers. This should not present true professionals with any hardships. The emphasis here is on getting someone who understands fabrics and dyes so that no "accidental" damage occurs.
new jersey carpet cleaning My dog has just urinated on my beautiful expensive Persian rug. The stench is too terrible, but I am afraid to attempt cleaning such an expensive item by myself. Can you help me?
dallas carpet cleaning You have done the right thing by consulting the experts. Incorrect treatment will often result in irreversible damage to your expensive rug. We recommend in-plant cleaning so that your rug will get the best care that it deserves.
washington dc carpet cleaning My wall-to-wall carpet has stains in various places. These include ink, food and beverage stains. How can I remove them?
baltimore carpet cleaning Many stubborn stains can be removed by wetting out the area and blotting up the stain. Care should be taken not to let the stain run onto a larger area. Always blot the wetted area with an absorbent paper towel or clean white cloth. Do not rub or brush as this can cause irreversible color running and pile damage as well as set the stain. Some stains cannot be removed using normal household cleansers. Do not treat stubborn stains with more vigorous mechanical action or potentially dangerous chemicals. Consult an expert. He will know what to do.