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Carpet Cleaning Denver Your Carpet Cleaning Solution

At Carpet Cleaning Denver we have a solution for all your carpet cleaning needs. We offer a verity of carpet cleaning method for any kind of carpet fabric, and for every level of cleanliness, if you just need a carpet cleaning maintenance or if your carpet is heavily soiled we have a carpet cleaning service that is right for you.

When there are children in a home it's a challenge to keep the house clean all the time. You can't avoid the mess with kids, if you ever tried to feed a toddler you know that more food end up on the table and floor then in his mouth, kids of all ages also like to paint- and usually they don't paint only the paper but everything around it as well - and clean their hand on every surface available including the carpet. As a result carpet stains are a common thing in households that include children.

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Steam & Dry Carpet Cleaning

Denver Carpet Cleaning services include two major techniques - steam and dry carpet cleaning. Dry carpet cleaning are applied to more delicate carpet fabrics to prevent the fading of the carpet colors, and the wear of the carpet. Dry cleaning is also used for commercial carpets cleaning and high traffic areas which are in constant use and cannot be vacant for the time it takes the carpet to dry.

Steam carpet cleaning is the more popular method; it's usually used for residential carpet cleaning which don't have high traffic like bedrooms. Although steam carpet cleaning is the more popular method, you should consult your carpet cleaning technician before choosing it, for more delicate carpet fabrics steam cleaning can cause the color to fade, our technicians have years of experience of choosing the right carpet cleaning technique for any kind of carpet, and they will inform you of the cons and pros for each techniques so you can decide.

For further information or to schedule an appointment Call Carpet Cleaning Denver at (303) 482-1866.