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Carpet Cleaning Houston

Chemicals Free Carpet Cleaning

The professionals at Carpet Cleaning Houston rely on the pure cleaning power of steam to conduct the majority of their residential cleaning service offerings. From rug cleaning, to pet odor removal, upholstery cleaning and furniture cleaning, most cleaning chores respond well to the low moisture cleaning method known as steam cleaning or extraction.

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Steam Carpet Cleaning

The way carpet stem cleaning work is: water is heated to very high temperatures and then jetted onto the surface being cleaned in the form of steam. Dirt, grime, bacteria and fungi are helpless against the heat and the force of the steam. Then, a vigorous extraction process removes all traces of water and all traces of dirt. By using industrial grade equipment, Carpet Cleaning Houston provides the most efficient steam cleaning possible. No excessive dampness, just clean, odor free, refreshed surfaces, fabrics and fibers. When the process is used for tile and grout cleaning, this method also sanitizes.

Carpet stain removal does not have to involve toxic chemicals or harsh detergents which is what you're likely to find in most commercial cleaning solutions. Do you really want to introduce these types of potentially dangerous pollutants into your indoor environment? Houston Carpet Cleaning cares about the environment inside and out. Their Eco-friendly carpet cleaning supplies, equipment and techniques insure that no dangerous fumes are left behind and no chemicals or detergent residue remains, to wreak havoc with your respiratory system.

Carpet stains happen. When they do, don't risk damaging your lungs or your carpets, rugs or upholstery with harsh commercial cleaners. Call the experts at Carpet Cleaning Houston at (713) 429-5107.