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Carpet Cleaning Seattle - Cleaning Service for All Carpets Type

No matter what kind of carpet you have in your home or office, Carpet Cleaning Seattle will have it looking, feeling and smelling like new in no time. If you're looking for a routine carpet and upholstery cleaning service, or if you looking to clean heavily soiled surface Seattle Carpet Cleaning have the right cleaning service for you.

If you own carpets, area rugs, mats or decorative rugs, here is a tip you should never forget:

Take care of stains spills and other messes as soon after they happen as possible. Once a wet stain has dried or solid matter has been allowed to sit in place for a while, an easy to deal with problem has developed into a stubborn stain.

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When a spill happens?

What can you do when faced with a spill? First of all, don't panic and don't rub! If something solid has plopped onto the carpet, simply remove it. You can use a plastic glove, you can use a paper bag over your hand instead of a glove or a piece of paper towel to gently remove the offending matter. Be careful not to smash it rub it into the carpet during the removal process.

When liquid spills onto the carpet, avoid the urge to try to flush it out with lots of water or cleaning solution. Cleaning solutions can be highly toxic, and you don't want too many toxins in your breathing environment. In addition, damp carpets provide the perfect growing environment for mold and mildew. Instead of sloshing on even more liquids, the first thing to do is blot up the spill with white toweling or layers of paper towel.

In case you didn't get to clean the stain on time don't be discourage, Carpet Cleaning Seattle have a stain removal carpet cleaning service that will remove even the hardest stains. For more information call us at (206) 331-3724. Carpet Cleaning Seattle also offers upholstery cleaning and rug cleaning amongst our cleaning services.